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[Linux-cluster] finalization of plans for 1.0 of Corosync/OpenAIS

As we enter our final stages to 1.0, I believe most of the services are
in solid shape.   If you find defects in any software, please file a
bugzilla against fedora 11 as soon as possible so we know where we
stand.  Assign them to sdake redhat com and I will triage them to the
appropriate owners.

The final work remaining before tree freeze occurs is below.

1) some additions of warning codes to the configure.ac and removal of
produced warnings
2) rediff of old totemsrp patch, which I rediffed yesterday/today, and
deleted accidentally GRR
3) Finalization of Andrew's prioritization patch required for Pacemaker
4) Possibly some rework around shutdown that Chrissie may be working on
5) sync v2

Once #2, #3, #5 hit the tree, the flatiron branch will be created and
frozen to any feature development.  After that, we will enter a 2 week
release candidate phase where we will resolve defects that are reported
in bugzilla.

Therefore, it is _critical_ to report bugs in bugzilla ASAP if unrelated
to the above development.

1) LCK service 
2) MSG Service saftest verification
3) LCK service saftest verification

Once #1, #2, #3 hit the tree, a branch will be created and that branch
will be frozen to feature development.  Same rc window applies.

Our current dates are:
May 15 - Corosync branch
June 1 - Corosync 1.0 released

June 1 - OpenAIS branch
June 15 - OpenAIS 1.0 released


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