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[Linux-cluster] help with fence_xvmd

Hi all,

I´m testing a 2 nodes cluster with 2 xen virtual machines running on a Xen host.

I have the cluster running and I want to configure fence_xvm.

I have followed the instructions of this page:


but when I reach at the point of running this command:
cluster]# fence_xvmd -fdddd
Debugging threshold is now 4
-- args @ 0xbfd38f08 --
  args->addr =
  args->domain = (null)
  args->key_file = /etc/cluster/fence_xvm.key
  args->op = 2
  args->hash = 2
  args->auth = 2
  args->port = 1229
  args->ifindex = 0
  args->family = 2
  args->timeout = 30
  args->retr_time = 20
  args->flags = 1
  args->debug = 4
-- end args --
Reading in key file /etc/cluster/fence_xvm.key into 0xbfd37f08 (4096 max size)
Actual key length = 4096 bytesOpened ckpt vm_states
Setting up ipv4 multicast receive (
Joining multicast group
Failed to bind multicast receive socket to No such device
Check network configuration.
Could not set up multicast listen socket

I don´t understand what I have to do to make this work. (I´m newbie to this kind of fence method, perhaps is a stupid thing.)

any clue?

thanks in advance


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