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Re: [Linux-cluster] Quota reporting (for users)

Ray Van Dolson wrote:
> Hello all;
> Planning to export a GFS2 filesystem via NFS and am using quotas.
> Everything works fine (users are notified when they exceed quota).
> Is there a good way to allow users to query what their quota is and how
> much they're using of it?  Something like "quota -s" with the standard
> quota tools.
> I can think of a couple kludgy ways to do this... caching output to a
> file readable by the user, or a daemon that answers questions regarding
> quotas from a user initiated command...
> Maybe there's a better way I just don't know about?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ray


We've been looking at adding support in gfs2 to interact with the
generic quota tools. This would also mean being able to use rpc.rquotad
to access nfs quotas. This is the bugzilla that tracks this feature:

Until we get gfs2 quotas to synchronize with vfs' diskquotas interface,
the only way to query gfs2 quotas is through the gfs2_quota tool, I'm


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