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[Linux-cluster] Resource configuration syntax for cluster.conf


I have few questions about the exact syntax for configuring resources managed 
by rgmanager in cluster.conf.

* It seems like the vm resource agent can be configured directly under <rm/>. 
Is there a specific schema or such to figure out which resource agents can be 
configured this way, without using <resources/> or <service/>? So far the only 
criterion I've come across is to check whether the RA supports the domain 
attribute. It turns out that Live Migration of the VMs with clusvcadm -M does 
not work if the vm resource is specified under a resource tree.

* The meta-data for a resource lists various <action/> values. Are these 
configurable? If yes, how do I configure these? Do they go in as a child tag 
for the specific resource configured under a resource tree?

* What is the meaning of the <special/> tag output by the meta-data?


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