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Re: [Linux-cluster] qdiskd: Updated votes configuration not used even after restart

On Wed, 2009-05-20 at 14:59 +0100, Chrissie Caulfield wrote:

> > So, I can fix it I think with poll(0), but if an admin kills qdiskd with
> > SIGKILL (or any other fatal signal), restarting qdiskd will prevent
> > correct vote registration (though as I have found out, polling still
> > works great).
> When qdiskd restarts, if you get EBUSY from _register then you could
> deregister and reregister with the new information.

Well...  cman_poll_quorum_device(x, 0), then unregister, then register.

> There's an argument here for a cman API call to change the number of
> votes associated with the quorum disk though ... what do you think ?

Either one works for me.  I'm happy to fix up qdiskd, and I don't think
it's unreasonable to require clean de-register / re-register to adjust
vote count.

-- Lon

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