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Re: [Linux-cluster] RHCS

Sreeharsha Totakura wrote:

I am using RHCS 5.2 for achieving High Availability in MySQL database
service. I have configured two nodes; one as a primary and the other as a
backup. Both the servers have GFS on SAN.

The cluster suite is configured properly and when a node shuts down, the
service is being started in the other node with the configured virtual ip
address for MySQL service. However, if we plug out the network link to the
primary server the service is not being started in the other node; even
after having 'monitor_link="1"' in cluster.conf for that virtual ip

Our servers are connected by redundant SAN connections so we have 6 network
interfaces on both the servers. I feel the nodes are still able to
communicate through these network connections which are being used for SAN
volumes. Is there anyway in which I can configure cluster manager to bind
the virtual ip for MySQL service to an interface and monitor the link on
that interface?

The virtual IP will always be assigned to the interface with the static IP on the same subnet.

i.e. if you have an interface eth0 on, and the floating IP is, it'll automatically go to the eth0 interface. Is this not what is happening in your setup? I think link monitoring should be on the static, rather than floating IP resource (that's what I do, and it works for me).


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