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Re: [Linux-cluster] share experience migrating cluster suite from centos 5.3 to centos 5.4

On Mon, 2 Nov 2009 22:29:15 +0100
Gianluca Cecchi <gianluca cecchi gmail com> wrote:

> I'm going to test this tomorrow (here half past ten pm now) after
> restore of initial situation with both in 5.3, so if there are any
> comments, they are welcome..

Well I usually do rolling updates, (i relocate the services to other
nodes, and update one node, then restart it and see if it joins

I start with test cluster, follow the path with clusters with lower
priority and finish with high priority clusters. If I find some
problems somewhere down the path, I slow down and debug. So far, no
problems at all. (5.1 -> 5.2, 5.2 -> 5.3, 5.3 -> 5.4).

Only problem I encountered so far was when CentOS published part of
cluster suite from 5.4 into 5.3 repositories...

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