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Re: [Linux-cluster] pacemaker + corosync + clvmd?

On 04/11/09 16:50, Nikola Ciprich wrote:
I'm trying to integrate clvmd to pacemaker+corosync cluster.
Corosync service starts nicely starting pacemaker, but trying to
start clvmd with corosync as cluster manager ends up with
"Can't initialise cluster interface" error
"Unable to create lockspace for CLVM: Transport endpoint is not connected"
appearing in syslog.
strace shows that clvmd tries to open /dev/misc/dlm-control,
but certainly nothing is connected to it. I wasn't successfull in running
cman either (and I'd actually like to avoid that and use only corosync).
Has anybody got this combination running? Could somebody advise me?
thanks a lot in advance.


It sounds like you haven't started the DLM. the 'corosync' module for clvmd uses corosync for communications and the kernel DLM for locking.

If you don't want to use DLM, then you need to load the openais modules for corosync and choose openais as the module for clvmd. It will then use Lck as the lock manager.


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