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Re: [Linux-cluster] Linux Cluster

Prashant Kamat wrote:
How to configure Linux cluster on VMWare Workstation.


Hi Prashant,

Clustering is a fairly complex topic, and your question is quite vague. If I can suggest two things;

First; Have you decided what OS the cluster will be built on? What tools do you want to use? What problems are you trying to solve with a cluster? How familiar with various clustering technologies are you?

Second; It's very difficult for someone to give you a "cluster recipe". You will have the best results asking specific questions to specific problems as you run into them. We've all struggled with clustering and we've all asked a lot of questions along the way. Be sure when asking questions that you provide as much detail describing what you've tried to do already to deal with the given, specific problem you are having.

Best of luck. :)


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