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Re: [Linux-cluster] Too large load on the login node

Juan Ramon Martin Blanco a écrit :
On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 11:36 AM, Nicolas Ferré
<nicolas ferre univ-provence fr> wrote:

We recently installed a new cluster composed of 1 login node and several
computing nodes running CentOS. These nodes share a GFS2 fs made of two

A strange thing is that on each node, the activity load (as monitored by the
'top' command) is always larger than 1. After some googling, it seems
someone already reported this problem but I can't see any solution.
Moreover, on the login node, the load is even larger:
top - 11:34:17 up 1 day, 22:07,  1 user,  load average: 16.19, 16.20, 16.12
while there is no cpu-intensive running processes.

Which cluster-suite versions are you using?
Look for processes in state D or R (ps aux) and paste them here.

We are running the red hat cluster manager, cman-2.0.115-1.el5. Also installed gfs2-utils-0.1.62-1.el5, luci-0.12.1-7.3.el5.centos.1, ricci-0.12.1-7.3.el5.centos.1.

About the processes, I still have to waut because we rebooted the cluster. The high load appears after some time.

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