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Re: [Linux-cluster] vm.sh with and without virsh

> What distribution are you using, and what is the version of rgmanager &
> cman?
> I'm interested in testing virsh too, because I also noticed those
> problems with xm (stalling while migrating). I'm on RHEL 5.3.

I would like to hear from those who have some experience with vm.sh:
can it be used as a resource on a service configuration for Rgmanager?
I say this because all examples I have seen use it as a separated
statement on cluster.conf, not within a service declaration. But, in
order to put VMs up, I need to satisfy some requisites first, like LVs
activations on the node.

I wrote a minimal LSB-compliant script to be used as a service script,
and handle VMs, then I configure a service for each VM I have, with a
script and lvm-cluster resources. But, I'm considering to use vm.sh

Can you explain to me how it works, and how do you use it?

Thank you.

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