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Re: [Linux-cluster] vm.sh with and without virsh

On Mon, 2009-10-05 at 00:42 +0200, jr wrote:
> Miguel Sanchez wrote:
> >> https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/linux-cluster
> > Use <vm ... use_virsh="0"/> in your cluster configuration file. It 
> > will use xm instead of virsh.
> >
> Hello Miguel,
> I'm aware of that, however i would prefer to use virsh instead of xm 
> especially due to the asynchronous nature of xm and the problems (with 
> failed migrations for example) this creates..
> Johannes

Assuming you have the most current vm.sh (which unbreaks "path"
attribute support for 'xm' mode), there are two problems:

1.  'Virsh' does not have a --path option, so, in order for your path
(/cluster/XenDomains) to work, we need to add path searching to the
vm.sh file and do manual searching for [name].xml in the specified
pathspec.  This isn't hard to do; I have code to split up the path and
check for the files, but it's not integrated yet.  However...

2.  'virsh' (and/or libvirt) does not support loading Xen domain
configuration files from any location except /etc/xen as far as I know.
This is because virsh doesn't actually know about the underlying config
format; it just sends requests to libvirtd via libvirt API.  So, even if
we solve (1), you will have to generate XML files for all your domains.

So, the current solution as it exists today is:

* Generate XML files for your domains, and
* Use 'xmlfile' parameter[1]:
  <vm name="foo" xmlfile="/cluster/XenDomains/foo.xml" />

-- Lon

[1] Assumes you are using STABLE3 branch.

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