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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cluster online reconfiguration


by experience, all changed resources will be restarted once the cluster version number is changed.
Your resource will be restarted.
I didn't find any documentation about that, it is just "short" experience.

Among the funny experiences, suppose you have a service containing a lvm resource child, which contains itself a FS child.

Your service is running under cluster control.

if you add a nfs export under this running resource, after updating the conf (ccs_tool update), the whole service won't be restarted but only the nfsexport will be online added.

2009/10/6 Johnson, Eric <Eric Johnson mtsallstream com>
Is there documentation that states how rgmanager handles online
reconfiguration of cluster resources when issued a 'ccs_tool update

I have some ext3 file systems under cluster control, and I want to
change the force_fsck option from 1 to 0, but I'm not sure if this will
trigger an unmount/remount of the file systems, which I definitely don't
want happening.

RHEL 5.4 32-bit
Kernel 2.6.18-164.el5PAE


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