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[Linux-cluster] multipath devices and Conga storage tab


I'm using RHEL 5.4 with an HP MSA2312fc array, and I'm trying to configure a 3-node cluster sharing a GFS filesystem. I want to do this by using Conga. All went good, the cluster is up, but when going to the "storage" tab, I saw 8 devices (sda, sdb...sdh). This is caused of course by having two HBA in every node (there is another 4th node that is going to access another volume on the MSA).

So, I went for multipathing:

I've already installed HPDM (hp multipath) in the first node and I can see now on the command line both volumes that I created (/dev/mapper/mpath0 with 1TB and /dev/mapper/mpath1 with 600GB), but the problem is that in Conga I can only see the previous 8 devices... so I'm starting to think that Conga does not look at multipath devices...or surely I don't know what I'm doing wrong in order to display them somehow.

Could you give me some direction to follow now? There is no much documentation about Conga storage management.


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