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Re: [Linux-cluster] multipath devices and Conga storage tab

Hello Arturo,
indeed Conga doesn't seem to summarize all the /dev/sd devices to
their belonging mpath one.
A potential side effect of this being  if you have an important number
of /dev/sd devices conga will timeout without showing you any result.

I personnaly gave up using conga.

About HP-DM, there is a OS's shipped solution (on which relies HP-DM!)
called device-mapper-multipath, there's no necessity to use the HP


2009/10/8 Arturo Gonzalez Ferrer <arturogf ugr es>
> Hello,
> I'm using RHEL 5.4 with an HP MSA2312fc array, and I'm trying to configure a 3-node cluster sharing a GFS filesystem. I want to do this by using Conga. All went good, the cluster is up, but when going to the "storage" tab, I saw 8 devices (sda, sdb...sdh). This is caused of course by having two HBA in every node (there is another 4th node that is going to access another volume on the MSA).
> So, I went for multipathing:
> I've already installed HPDM (hp multipath) in the first node and I can see now on the command line both volumes that I created (/dev/mapper/mpath0 with 1TB and /dev/mapper/mpath1 with 600GB), but the problem is that in Conga I can only see the previous 8 devices... so I'm starting to think that Conga does not look at multipath devices...or surely I don't know what I'm doing wrong in order to display them somehow.
> Could you give me some direction to follow now? There is no much documentation about Conga storage management.
> Cheers,
> Arturo.
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