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Re: [Linux-cluster] Home-brew SAN/iSCSI

Yeah, try with opensolaris + comstar, The another implementation of
iscsi target and more!


2009/10/10, Madison Kelly <linux alteeve com>:
> Hi all,
>    Until now, I've been building 2-node clusters using DRBD+LVM for the
> shared storage. I've been teaching myself clustering, so I don't have a
> world of capital to sink into hardware at the moment. I would like to
> start getting some experience with 3+ nodes using a central SAN disk.
>    So I've been pricing out the minimal hardware for a four-node cluster
> and have something to start with. My current hiccup though is the SAN
> side. I've searched around, but have not been able to get a clear answer.
>    Is it possible to build a host machine (CentOS/Debian) to have a
> simple MD device and make it available to the cluster nodes as an
> iSCSI/SAN device? Being a learning exercise, I am not too worried about
> speed or redundancy (beyond testing failure types and recovery).
> Thanks for any insight, advice, pointers!
> Madi
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