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RE: [Linux-cluster] using NFS as a shared storage for RHCS

> -----Original Message-----
>   Due to limitations and performance problems that contanins GFS and
GFS2, I think
> to use a OpenSolaris NFS server (with ZFS) to serve shared storage for
three cluster
> nodes using RHEL5.4.
>   Somebody have tried this type of configruation?? any special

You're probably not going to get any good recommendations unless you can
tell us something about your application.

GFS and GFS2 (like OCFS) are clustered filesystems that work at a layer
above shared block storage (iSCSI, FC, etc.) SAN.

NFS (like CIFS) is a distributed filesystem that does not require any
shared block storage or SAN appliance.  GFS and NFS are entirely
different.  NFS works well for some purposes, for others a clustered
filesystem is superior.

Note that you can export a GFS filesystem to mount it remotely with NFS
or CIFS, so the two are not mutually exclusive at all.  That can be a
good approach to build a fault-tolerant NFS service as well.


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