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[Linux-cluster] some questions about rgmanager


Are there any guidelines about how to write resource scripts that will
be run by rgmanager /clurgmgrd ?

I have been tracing execution through rg_test, but I don't know how
representative this is.  For example, performing a service check through
rg_test calls just about every script in /usr/share/cluster with the
"meta-data" command, then calling service.sh with command "status", and
finally the resource script with the command "status".   Is this what
will happen when clurgmgrd starts or stops a service ?

Is there a specification covering the environment variables supplied to
the resource scripts - eg. OCF_RESOURCE_INSTANCE ?

Are the actions of the various scripts documented or specified somewhere
?   Do they tend to change across releases ?

Is there a standard way of extending the monitoring performed by the
scripts, or do I just edit the supplied scripts to suit ?

During experiments in configuring a service, the cluster often reached a
state where clustat reports a service as "failed".  What is the best way
of recovering from this state ?  I cannot see that clusvcadm can be used
to recover from this state, and so far the only path to recovery appears
to be to restart rgmanager on all cluster nodes.  

Thanks in advance for any pointers on this.

-- Martin

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