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Re: [Linux-cluster] High availability mail server

On 10/25/09 8:40 AM, Samer ITS wrote:



I have 4 servers. And I need to install high availability mail system (Postfix, Dovect, Spam, mailscanner, ….)


Best regards


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Hi there,

Now that's nice.....Is there a question in there somewhere?

<rant on>
Coming here and asking people to spoonfeed you with configurations and helping before you show any sign of trying these things out your self is very unrealistic. Most of the people on this list are systems administrators, and most of them are very found of seeing people TRY things out them selves before asking. In your configuration i would say that you might need to read up on those programs and see if they can be clustered or even need to, and then read up on Linux HA or RHCS before trying to put this all into production. Running a cluster in production without even knowing the slightest thing about RHCS/Linux HA will bite you in the ass later on, and i am sure your boss would love to know why his mail was offline for 36 hours after your cluster goes wah wah and you try to debug what is wrong without knowing a single thing about it except how to restart the cluster daemons.
</rant off>

I'm sorry if i offend you in any way, but you might want to consider hiring a consultant to help you out there.....this is not something you would want to toy with and run without any knowledge......

Hope this encourages you to run a quick Google search before sending a email of what you want to do to a sysadmin mailing list ;)


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