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[Linux-cluster] RFC: Configuration of Red Hat clusters in Cluster 3

Hi all,

I've been thinking about configuring clusters, particularly in a virtualised environment. The solutions we have for this are not especially good I don't think.

We currently have two loaders:

xmlconfig is the default and reads from /etc/cluster/cluster.conf (by default)

ldapconfig reads from an LDAP server

Both of these have their uses of course. But, especially in a virtualised environment, they are not particularly handy. LDAP is cumbersome and complicated to configure and we have no real tools to update it directly. Reading from local files seems a bit primitive in a virtualised system where you have at least one host system that is guaranteed to be available because it is actually running the guests themselves.

Yes, we have ccs_sync that will synchronise the configuration across nodes, and that is integrated into 'cman_tool version' now, but it still seems cumbersome to me and doesn't work properly if a cluster node is down when the configuration is changed.

What I think would be nice would be to update the configuration on a host node (dom0 in Xen parlance) and have the other nodes automatically pick it up from that one place.

One suggested way of doing this is to host the cluster.conf file on an HTTP server on the host. The VMs can then simply GET that file and run it through xmlconfig to load it into corosync. This seems simple and easy to me. Most people know how to set up an http server (even if they don't know how to secure one!)

The intention is to make this as easy as possible, so that the admin staff simply supply a URL and corosync does the right thing to fetch it when needed (at boot up and re-configure time). This magic is brought to you courtesy of pluggable configuration modules in corosync :)

Comments? Better ideas? Or am I just barking ?


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