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Re: [Linux-cluster] RFC: Configuration of Red Hat clusters in Cluster 3

Christine Caulfield wrote:

> The intention is to make this as easy as possible, so that the admin
> staff simply supply a URL and corosync does the right thing to fetch it
> when needed (at boot up and re-configure time). This magic is brought to
> you courtesy of pluggable configuration modules in corosync :)
> Comments? Better ideas? Or am I just barking ?

It seems like there is some agreement in the area.

I have 2 suggestions:

1) ricci/luci already relies on a running httpd. Maybe we should
consider integrating this properly so we don´t end up with 2 httpd to
simply create a config and distribute it.

2) if we use httpd only to distribute cluster.conf, then I´d like to see
"httploader" (or please find a better a name) being a wrapper for wget
rather than a brand new piece of code. It will allow us to automatically
gain access to ftp, https, and it has all the bits required for
username/password handling (in case somebody wants to secure httpd

one note that needs investigation:

In our original configloader design, we always placed ourselves in this


I don´t believe we ever tested:


I am pretty sure it will work, but it might need extra testing and
caution in order to pass the right data from loader* to *config as it
increases drastically the matrix of code paths.


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