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RE: [Linux-cluster] service state unchanged when host crashes

Il giorno mer, 28/10/2009 alle 11.10 +0000, Martin Waite ha scritto:
> Hi Giacomo,
> Given the nature of the bug, does this mean that the unpatched cluster code is unable to relocate services in the event of node failure ?
> If so, how can anyone be using this ?
> regards,
> Martin

The RHEL5 branch is not affected by this bug as the code is slighty
different for what I've seen, only STABLE2 branch is. I'm assuming is
far more used than the STABLE2 (but, yes, I can be wrong, just
guessing).  I don't know if some other distributions are affected apart
from gentoo and debian, or if debian and gentoo are _always_

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