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Solved: Re: [Linux-cluster] OT? Odd Xen network issue

Madison Kelly wrote:
Hi all,

I hope this isn't too off-topic being more a Xen than cluster experience, but I am having trouble with the Xen mailing list and I gather many here use Xen. If it is too off-topic, the please have a mod delete it and kick my butt. :)

I've got a simple two-node cluster, each with three NICs running CentOS 5.3 x86_64. Each node has this configuration:

eth0 - Internal network and VM back channel (IPMI on this NIC)
eth1 - DRBD link
eth2 - Internet-facing NIC, dom0 has no IP

I've built a simple VM that uses 'xenbr0' and 'xenbr2' as the VM's 'eth0' and 'eth1', respectively. I've set a static, public IP to domU's eth1 (xenbr2) but I can't ping it from a workstation nor can the domU ping out. I know that the network itself (outside the server) is setup right as I tested the static IP from that cable earlier on a test machine.

Could someone hit me with a clue-stick as to what I might be doing wrong? Let me know if any logs or config files are helpful.



Thanks to Rick and Edson for your help! I'll reply to each in a moment but I wanted to make this post to say that the problem were buggy D-Link NICs... Replaced them with Intel NICs and everything started working well.

Thanks both!


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