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Re: [Linux-cluster] OT? Odd Xen network issue

Rick Stevens wrote:
Madison Kelly wrote:
Hi all,

I hope this isn't too off-topic being more a Xen than cluster experience, but I am having trouble with the Xen mailing list and I gather many here use Xen. If it is too off-topic, the please have a mod delete it and kick my butt. :)

I've got a simple two-node cluster, each with three NICs running CentOS 5.3 x86_64. Each node has this configuration:

eth0 - Internal network and VM back channel (IPMI on this NIC)
eth1 - DRBD link
eth2 - Internet-facing NIC, dom0 has no IP

I've built a simple VM that uses 'xenbr0' and 'xenbr2' as the VM's 'eth0' and 'eth1', respectively. I've set a static, public IP to domU's eth1 (xenbr2) but I can't ping it from a workstation nor can the domU ping out. I know that the network itself (outside the server) is setup right as I tested the static IP from that cable earlier on a test machine.

Could someone hit me with a clue-stick as to what I might be doing wrong? Let me know if any logs or config files are helpful.

First, see if you can ping dom0's NICs? If not, that's the first thing to address.

Next, are the domUs NICs up? ("ifconfig -a" will tell you).  If not,
bring them up.  Remember, you might have a fight if the domUs use
Gnome's NetworkManager.  Make sure it's disabled and that you have the
classic configuration set up in the domUs correctly.

Verify that first, and we'll move on from there.  You might also want
to have a look at this:


It might help explain things a bit or give you some other ideas.

Thanks for the reply, Rick!

I ran tcpdump on dom0 against the VM's vifU.1, against xenbr0 and even against vif0.2. In all cases I could see by ping requests, but as soon as I ran it against peth2 I'd get nothing. Turns out that the D-Link NIC had issues with 64bit that I somehow missed when I first built and tested the servers. New Intel NICs sorted it out right away.


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