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Re: [Linux-cluster] Your Network Bonding Mode On a Cluster

Try mode 4, it creates an active-active connection that is supported by most enterprise switches without any additional configuration.

Leo J Pleiman
Senior Consultant
Red Hat Consulting Services

"Red Hat Ranked as #1 Software Vendor for Fifth Time in CIO Insight Study"

----- "Alan A" <alan zg gmail com> wrote:
> What bonding mode do you have on your cluster? I tried mode 5 and 6, and I got some dropped packets, then I switched to mode1, and still got dropped packets. Here is modprobe.conf:
> alias bond0 bonding
> #options bond0 mode=5 miimon=100 use_carrier=0
> options bond0 mode=1 miimon=100 use_carrier=0
> alias eth0 bnx2
> #alias eth1 bnx2
> alias eth2 bnx2
> #alias eth3 bnx2
> alias scsi_hostadapter cciss
> alias scsi_hostadapter1 sata_svw
> alias scsi_hostadapter2 lpfc
> alias scsi_hostadapter3 usb-storage

> --
> Alan A.
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