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Re: [Linux-cluster] Use alternate network interfaces for heartbeat in RHCS

On 31/08/09 08:56, brem belguebli wrote:
I was wondering if there is a way with cman to configure 2 heartbeat
channels (let's say my prod bond0 and my outband bond1) as it seems to
be possible with openais and their redundant ring interfaces configuration.

Yes, there's an item about it on the FAQ page I mentioned earlier. I hope it's more complete the the last one!


2009/8/28, brem belguebli <brem belguebli gmail com
<mailto:brem belguebli gmail com>>:


    It answers my last question.

    I have been confused by some mention somewhere in a post or doc
    saying that cman has a built-in algorithm to determine, just by
    adding entries in /etc/hosts, the right interfaces to use .


    2009/8/28 Christine Caulfield <ccaulfie redhat com
    <mailto:ccaulfie redhat com>>

        On 28/08/09 15:53, Christine Caulfield wrote:

            On 28/08/09 15:24, brem belguebli wrote:

                Hi Chrissie,
                Are you pointing me to the paragraph "what's the right
                way to ....eth0 ?"
                I've tried this at first adding adding a suffix to the
                interfaces but
                nothing happened. Suffix -p may be hardcoded (I've used -hb)
                Here's an outputof my /etc/hosts (identical on both nodes):
       node1 node1.mydomain
       node2 node2.mydomain
                Still using bond0 ....

            The suffix isn't hard-coded or anything to do with cman
            really, it's
            just a way of distinguishing interfaces.

            You need to edit cluster.conf to tell it to use the
            different name.

            If you get despertate then you can always put the IP address in
            cluster.conf, but the output from cman_tool nodes doesn't
            look as nice!

        I haven't read that article in detail before but you're right,
        it makes no mention of changing cluster.conf!

        I've fixed that now, thank you.


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