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Re: [Linux-cluster] NFS client failover

On Wed, 2009-08-26 at 09:55 +0100, Mike Cardwell wrote:
> On 25/08/2009 20:40, Mike Cardwell wrote:
> > I figured that failover would happen more smoothly if the client was
> > aware of and in control of what was going on. If the IP suddenly moves
> > to another NFS server I don't know how the NFS client will cope with that.
> Well, it seems to cope quite well. The nfs mount "hangs" for a few 
> seconds whilst the IP moves from one server to another (unavoidable 
> obviously), but it then picks up from where it was. I suspect there will 
> be file corruption issues with files that are partially written when the 
> failover happens, but I guess that can't be avoided without a client 
> side solution.

I don't think we've had reports of corruption in the past.

When using TCP, the client can hang for a very long time before
recovering; using UDP seems to resolve this.

-- Lon

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