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[Linux-cluster] Multicasting problems

It has come to the point where our cluster production configuration has halted due to the unexpected issues with multicasting on LAN/WAN.

The problem is that the firewall enabled on the switch ports does not support multicasting, and between cluster nodes and the routers lays firewall.

Nodes -> Switch with integrated Firewall devices -> Router

We are aware of problems encountered with Cisco switches and are trying to clear some things. For instance in RHEL Knowledgebase article 5933 it states:

The recommended method is to enable multicast routing for a given vlan so that the Catalyst will act as the IGMP querier. This consists of the following steps:


  1. Enabling multicast on the switch globally

  2. Choosing the vlan the cluster nodes are using

  3. Turning on PIM routing for that subnet

My Questions:

Can we enable PIM routing on the Server NIC itself without using dedicated network device? Meaning IGMP multicast would be managed by the NIC's itself from each node, can the nodes awarnes function this way?

Any suggestions on how to get around firewall issue without purchesing firewalls with routing tables?

Cisco switch model is: switch 6509 running 12.2(18) SXF and IGMP v2.

Alan A.

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