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Re: [Linux-cluster] EXT3 or GFS shared disk

what grief did it give you? also- what version of RHEL are you running?

5.1 has some known issues with clvmd


Luis E. Cerezo
Global IT
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On Sep 10, 2009, at 12:37 PM, James Marcinek wrote:

> Hello again,
> Next question.
> Again since my cluster class (back in '04) GFS wasn't around so I'm  
> not sure if I should use this or not in the cluster build...
> If I have an active/passive cluster where only one node needs to  
> have access to the file system at a given time should I just use an  
> ext3 partition or should I use GFS on a logical volume?
> I just tried to create an lvm shared logical volume with an ext3  
> parition (already did an lvmconf --enable-cluster) but it caused me  
> some grief and I switched it to a partition after cleaning up...
> Thanks,
> James
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