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[Linux-cluster] quorum disk questions

Hello all,

I have several clusters which have been built using system-config-cluster.

I would like to now add a quorum disk and possibly a multi-cast address to the cluster as well. Can someone tell me how to go about this using system-config-cluster? I've tried looking over the tool but cannot find these fields.

The clusters aren't in production yet and I would not be adverse to re-creating the cluster.conf file and starting over if necessary... I would want to make sure that I can propagate the changes to the other cluster nodes without causing issues.

A couple of other questions.

-With the initial cluster build, do the cluster nodes heartbeat by default over their service IP or is the quorum disk or multi-cast required to do this?

- Do I need to set 'fence levels' - I've defined a fencing device for the cluster? The state of the cluster indicates that they are not fenced (as I would expect because there are no issues)



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