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RE: [Linux-cluster] openais issue


Well I had the exact same problem a couple weeks ago.  Keep in mind that my nodes authenticate against ldap.  Starting at version cman-2.0.98-1.el5_3.4,  the user "ais" would be created locally as uidnumber 39 and gidnumber 39 but on my installation that would never succeed because we have a uid in ldap called "ais", revealed in the secure log.  It's probably a fat chance you have the same problem I did, but it's worth a check, do you have a "ais" user in /etc/passwd?


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On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 04:33:50PM -0500,
Paras pradhan <pradhanparas gmail com> wrote:
> I am under CentOS 5.3. Where can I find the rpm you were talking about.
> My CMAN screwed up after upgrade as in your case I believe.

I compared the recent CentOS update repository.

In the CentOS 5.3 update repository, the recent cman package is (from
September, 6th):


Is this the version you have installed?

The matching counterpart for openais is not listet in the CentOS repository.
>From my point of view, this should be:


Instead the recent version in CentOS is:


If you have installed the version mentioned above, I would propose to
downgrade your cman to:


Hope this helps.


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