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Re: [Linux-cluster] Pb with dynamic update of ccsd/cluster.conf

On 22/09/09 07:59, Alain.Moulle wrote:
I'm working with : cman-3.0.0-15.rc1.fc11.x86_64 //
I wanted that CS takes in account dynamically the changes in
cluster.conf. Someone told
me here a few weeks ago that ccs_sync was automatically done , and that
I had only
to execute :
cman_tool version -r <new_version>
but in this case, it is definetely stalled with corosync at top 100% cpu
(and a clustat does
not work anymore).

Did I misunderstood and did I miss another command to execute before the
cman_tool ?
Or is there a problem ?

ccs_sync is not alled automatically from anywhere at the moment. it's on the list of things to implement but it hasn't happened yet. There is also a bug in some version of corosync (sorry, I can't be more specific here) that causes it to loop like that if you issue a cman_tool version command and the local cluster.conf does not match the version expected.

The correct update procedure for cluster3 is to manually use ccs_sync to copy cluster.conf around the cluster, then to issue cman_tool version -r0 to tell cman that the new version is available.


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