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RE: [Linux-cluster] Fencing APC No-breaks

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> I'm sorry, I had to take a pause on that question about no-breaks.
> But, I didn't understand how to connect them to network. They have
> only a serial and an USB interface, and I have not found any
> information about this on documentation.

Oh, I see.   The model of PDU we have has onboard Ethernet, which is
what we use for the fencing interface.

Sorry to say that in your case I cannot help much.  It may be possible
to adapt the telnet-based agent to use a serial device, but I have no
hardware quite like yours so I cannot say whether it will work.

You also may be able to connect the APC to a console server such as the
Avocent (Cyclades) ACS, which has both Ethernet and serial interfaces,
and thereby expose the serial interface for telnet access.


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