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[Linux-cluster] GFS2 vs EXT3+HA-LVM

I have been trying for a very long time now to put together a cluster (RHEL5.2/3/4 + GFS/GFS2) that would match the performance of our current Tru64 cluster using advfs with limited success. I've tried every tuning technique I can think of and received help from numerous people as well as this list. For all that I am thankful.

However, I've come to the realization that at this time it's simply not reasonable to expect the same performance from GFS2 as my current setup. I have even been told from RedHat support that our use case (general purpose file server with applications and home dirs along with some data thrown in isn't really a good fit for using GFS2. Not sure I agree with that or even understand the motivation behind the comment but I am passed that now. The simple truth is for our purposes, I think he may be right and I am now exploring the idea of using ha-lvm with ext3. I'd not set ip up before this past week and I have to say it looks promising. Rsyncs, directories with lots of files etc. all behave as I expect them to, fast.

That said, how many people are actually using the ha-lvm stuff in production? I don't know anyone using it and have heard little if anything on this list about it. I am hoping that's because it 'just works' and people leave it at that.

Has anyone got any practical experience using this method?  I went together fairly straightforward once I got past the lvm tagging, but I'd thought I'd ask folks what pitfalls there are if any. Only one I can think of is someone not in the know forgetting about the tagging involved and having a tough time managing lvm etc.

Any thoughts are appreciated



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