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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS Volume Over NFS

Hi Gigi,

El vie, 25-09-2009 a las 19:09 -0500, Mathew, Gigi (JSC-EG)[Jacobs
Technology] escribió:
> Hi:
> I am configuring a Dell EqualLogic iSCSI array in a RHEL 5.3 platform
> with two GFS2 volumes with RedHat Cluster Suite using DRAC (primary)
> and APC (secondary) fencing devices.  In my cluster configuration I
> have DELL Servers (PE R900, PE6800, PE2800, PE1950) Blades (PE M1000,
> PE1955, PE1855).  Now I have few workstations (Precision 7500,
> Precision 5500,  Precision 690) which I would like to share the above
> GFS2 volume over NFS (why?  They are not in the same location and
> currently I use NIS/YPBIND/AUTOFS).  Why should I share it? (Because I
> have user home directories on this GFS2 volume, which has to seen from
> these workstations as they login).  What are the options I have? How
> do I achieve it?  I had seen how to share an NFS over GFS, but NOT the
> other way. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Gigi Mathew
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Maybe i'm understanding you wrong, let me explain what i have understood
from your explanation:

1.- You have several servers sharing iSCSI volumes from an iSCSI array.

2.- This servers use GFS2 as filesystem on this volumes to share,
between themselves, the information in them

3.- You want to make other computers, workstations, get access to this
info. They are not in the same location/network so they can not access
the iSCSI array by themselves.

4.- You plan to share the iSCSI volumes from the array through a NFS
export via the servers which already have access to them, so
workstations will get access to the information via NFS.

Is this right?

If so, you should have a look at this document: 


NFS over GFS2 is, in my opinion, exactly what you need.

The other option i think you are thinking about, GFS2 over NFS, cant be
GFS is a filesystem you use over a device or partition. NFS is a file
sharing protocol you use to export an already existing filesystem (EXT2,
EXT3, XFS or GFS itself). When you mount a NFS volume you don't have
access to a device, so you cant use GFS on it when already mounted. 

You maybe are thinking in GFS2 over GNDB (global network block device)
or GFS2 over DRBD (distributed redundant block device), but i think
previous suggestion is simpler than this one. You can also have a look
to this approach here:


I hope this helps.



Rafael Micó Miranda

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