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Re: [Linux-cluster] problem relocate service

On Mon, 2009-09-28 at 21:48 -0300, Marcelo Guazzardo wrote:
> Hi I have a RED-HAT 5.3 and configured cluster RHCS on two nodes.
> Everythings works ok,services are relocated when one of the active
> nodes shutdown or reboot.
> But I have a problem when I unpluded power cord of the active node.
> The resources cannot be relocate, because the active node is down.
> after, the other node fence the fail node, and after a few minutes,
> the two nodes is up again. but, in this while, the service is
> unrecheable. (the service never was relocated).
> how can i do to relocate the service?.

You'll want to look @ 'group_tool ls' output to before and after fencing
is complete.

rgmanager performs failover after fencing completes.  After that, you
should be able to relocate/start/stop at will.

Ensure you do not have multiple services with 'exclusive' set to 1.

-- Lon

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