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Re: [Linux-cluster] why does ip.sh launch rdisc ?


In one of our customers, the rdisc daemon was causing problems because they had an wireless access point connected to the network, so rdisc was setting up a default route to this access point as a gateway automatically. Although the access point could be reconfigured or disabled, the customer preferred to remove the rdisc invocation in the Cluster ip.sh script.

I'd rather prefer the rdisc invocation would be an option in cluster.conf, not a default behaviour.



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Subject: [Linux-cluster] why does ip.sh launch rdisc ?


I have noticed that rdisc - apparently a router discovery protocol daemon - has started running on nodes that take possession of a VIP using ip.sh.

I am not familiar with rdisc.   It is currently installed on all my RHEL hosts, but is not running.

Do I need to run rdisc ? 

Also, the man page says that rdisc uses as a multicast address.  So does my current cman configuration.  Should I configure cman to avoid this address ?


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