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Re: [Linux-cluster] Listing openAIS parameters on RHEL Cluster Suite 5

On 07/04/10 04:33, Jankowski, Chris wrote:

Thank you for the explanation.

With the expected_nodes, I have the parameter specified explicitly in cluster.conf. The value is 3 and the cluster has 2 nodes and a quorum disk:

<cman expected_votes="3"/>

It is still not listed by the openais-confdb-display command.

Is is how it should be?

Where in cluster.conf do you have that statement ? Can you check that "cman_tool status" is showing the right value too ? it might be worth attaching your cluster.conf file.


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On 02/04/10 12:20, Jankowski, Chris wrote:

As per Red Hat Knowledgebase note 18886 on RHEL 5.4 I should be able to get the current in-memory values of the openAIS paramemters by running the following commands:

# openais-confdb-display
totem.version = '2'
totem.secauth = '1'
# openais-confdb-display totem token
totem.token = '10000'
# openais-confdb-display totem consensustotem.consensus = '4800'
# openais-confdb-display totem token_retransmits_before_loss_const
totem.token_retransmits_before_loss_const = '20'
# openais-confdb-display cman quorum_dev_poll cman.quorum_dev_poll =
# openais-confdb-display cman expected_votes cman.expected_votes = '3'
# openais-confdb-display cman two_node cman.two_node = '1'

On my 5.4 cluster it works for the first 4 commands, but for the last 3 commands I get, respectively:

Could not get "quorum _dev_poll" :1
Could not get "expected_votes" :1
Could not get "two_node" :1

Anybody knows what is going on here?

It means that those values are not in the configuration object database because they aren't in cluster.conf. From that you can infer that the defaults are in place. ie:

quorum_dev_poll = 10000
expected_votes =<sum of all node votes>  two_node = 0


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