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[Linux-cluster] joining an "old" cluster


i inherited a 3 node cluster which was built "by hand" around 4 years
ago. unfortunately its nearly impossible to update any cluster software
on the nodes. now i want to add a new node using a stock RHEL release.

in redhat cluster faq it says:
"You can't mix RHEL4 U1 and U2 systems in a cluster because there were
changes between U1 and U2 that changed the format of internal messages
that are sent around the cluster."

what are these changes? how do i find out which RHEL4 version to use for
a new node in my cluster?

what i know about the existing nodes:

cman_tool -V gives 1.0.0.
cman, dlm and gfs where built on 2006-01-19 from cvs
OS is Fedora Core release 4
kernel is 2.6.14

thx for advice

Mit freundlichen GrĂ¼ssen

Matthias Leopold
System & Network Administration

Streams Telecommunications GmbH
Universitaetsstrasse 10/7, 1090 Vienna, Austria

tel: +43 1 40159113
fax: +43 1 40159300

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