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[Linux-cluster] Configuration httpd service in linux cluster


 I am trying to configure  httpd service  in my 3 nodes cluster environment. (RHEL5.4 86_64). I am new to the cluster configuration.
 I have  followed the document as follows:

But somehow it is not working. The node i am assiging is getting fenced.
Sometimes the sever getting hung at the starting of  clvmd.

For this configuration I have kept  my data in a lvm partition , and 
this  partition I am using as the httpd  content .

Also I am not understanding which IP i will assign for this service.

I configured  first with  public ip of the server,  it did not work.
Then i configured with the private IP, it did not work too.

If anybody guides  me with a documentation which I can understand and follow, it will be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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