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Re: [Linux-cluster] Configuration httpd service in linux cluster

Configure a unique IP address, different from the public or private addresses already used.   Probably, you want the Apache IP to be on the public subnet.   The Apache IP address will move to different nodes of the cluster along with the Apache service.


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Subject: [Linux-cluster] Configuration httpd service in linux cluster


 I am trying to configure  httpd service  in my 3 nodes cluster environment. (RHEL5.4 86_64). I am new to the cluster configuration.
 I have  followed the document as follows:

But somehow it is not working. The node i am assiging is getting fenced.
Sometimes the sever getting hung at the starting of  clvmd.

For this configuration I have kept  my data in a lvm partition , and 
this  partition I am using as the httpd  content .

Also I am not understanding which IP i will assign for this service.

I configured  first with  public ip of the server,  it did not work.
Then i configured with the private IP, it did not work too.

If anybody guides  me with a documentation which I can understand and follow, it will be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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