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Re: [Linux-cluster] fence_ilo halt instead reboot

Yes, there is a BIOS entry that you need to modify - "Boot on power on" or some such. I do not remember from the top of my head where it is in the RBSU menu structure, but you can certainly configure it to reboot after fence through iLO. I did that a few months ago for a customer on DL380 G6.
Chris Jankowski

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Sent: Thursday, 15 April 2010 03:08
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Subject: [Linux-cluster] fence_ilo halt instead reboot

Hi All, 

I´m configuring a two node cluster (they are HP ProLiant DL380 G5) and I have configured the fence nodes this way:

<fencedevice agent="fence_ilo" hostname="" login="Administrator" name="ILONODE2" passwd="xxxx"/>

the problem is that I have run the command fence_node NODE2 and I have seen the halt message  and it hasn´t restarted

I think it must do a reboot, not a halt.  Have I to configure something else (at bios, ilo or SO level)? 

Thanks in advance


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