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[Linux-cluster] fs.sh status hangs after device failures


Im testing SAN under Multipath failures and founding a behavior on the
fs.sh that is not what I wanned.

On simulating a SAN failure either with portdown on the san switch or on
the OS ( echo offline > /sys/block/$DEVICE/device/state ) the fs.sh status
script doesn't give back an error.

I looked at the script and think it hangs on the ls or touch test (depends
on timings )
In fact if I issue an ls/touch on the failed mountpoints it hangs forever.

If I fail the devices with /sys/block/$DEVICE/device/delete then the touch
test returns an error and service switches.

I found on redhat doc a reference for a parameter: remove_on_dev_loss

I set it
echo 1 > /sys/module/scsi_transport_fc/parameters/remove_on_dev_loss
but didn't notice any changes

Any nice suggestions ?


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