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Re: [Linux-cluster] Announce: Node Assassin - Open hardware cluster fence device

On 4/19/2010 8:48 PM, Digimer wrote:
> Hi Clustering folks!
>   I wanted to announce a new open hardware, open source cluster fence
> device:
>   Node Assassin - http://nodeassassin.org
>   After four months and a lot of help from friends at http://hacklab.to,
> the first version is done and ready for the lime light! (warts and all)

well.. congratulation!!! I have been looking forward to build something
similar myself, but never found the time.

>   It fully implements the FenceAgentAPI, including independent sensing
> of a Node's on/off status. There is a simple installer and uninstaller
> that has been tested on CentOS 5.x and should work on any system
> supporting Red Hat style clustering.

Do you think we can work out a merge strategy to be able to ship
fence_na directly withing cluster releases? I´d love to see it
integrated right away.

>   This is my first "official" open source project, so I would love to
> hear some feedback even if you don't plan to use it yourself. :)

I am no hw expert (not any more anyway..) but it looks nice.

>   If you don't want to build your own, I am working with an embedded
> systems engineer in the hope of having pre-built units available in the
> next few months. They will support 8 to 64 nodes each depending on the
> model. If you think you would be interested in this, please let me know.
> Whether these see the light of day or not largely depends on the
> feedback I get.

Well if you get around to build them, please let me know. I am
interested in a bunch of them ;)


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