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Re: [Linux-cluster] gfs+nfs+lucene, anyone had tried?

We use Lucene over GFS (no NFS), but the design of our application updates Lucene from only one node at a time.


In general applications that utilize POSIX locking can handle concurrent updates safely on GFS even with multiple nodes.  It wasn't clear to us whether Lucene supports this, however, and in your case NFS adds a layer to the mix.


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Subject: [Linux-cluster] gfs+nfs+lucene, anyone had tried?


Hi All, 


I´m mounting a cluster using NFS over GFS and I´m going to store a lucene index on it. 


There are two nodes that write in this index, and I´m worried about the index corruption.


So anyone have implemented something like this? any problem I can find?


Thanks in advance, 





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