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Re: [Linux-cluster] RHCS separate datacenter

On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 7:19 PM,  <rhurst bidmc harvard edu> wrote:

> FWIIW, I thought the question was in regards to Cluster Suite (RHCS), not Global File System (GFS)?  In that regard, what does fencing have to do with this?

Most cluster solutions come with shared/cluster filesystems.

> @Ana, are you concerned about pulse heartbeat?  That should not be an issue, but more so, there will (probably) be no kernel client-session tracking for fail-over, because your remote datacenter is not on the same physical LAN.  That means if you did fail-

Not necessarily true, our network department was able to set up the
same physical LAN in two data centers within the same town.

> Also, from my understanding of Linux IPVS on which RHCS is based, is that it can support a remote datacenter, without spanning tree, if you use the tunneling option (not direct or nat)... although we have never tried it.

False, Red Hat Cluster Suite has two different parts: failover and
load balancing frameworks. The former is based on OpenAIS, while
latter is IPVS with some additional components. One can operate
without the other.

László Béres            Unix system engineer

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