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[Linux-cluster] Patch for cluster.rng to add support for Node Assassin

This is the patch to add support for the home-brew cluster fence device
called "Node Assassin" (http://nodeassassin.org) in the cluster.rng
file. I am not sure what format is generally requested when submitting
patches, so please let me know if another format is better. This was
generated with 'diff -Bub cluster.rng.original cluster.rng'

Also, what would the steps / requirements be to add the supporting fence
agent. It currently can be downloaded here if anyone would like to check
it out for compatibility/suitability:


The current installer modifies the cluster.rng file after making a
backup. If this patch is accepted, I will remove that function.

Thanks. :)

PS: Patch submitted as per:

--- cluster.rng.original	2010-08-15 18:44:17.029743618 -0400
+++ cluster.rng	2010-07-11 16:14:38.000000000 -0400
@@ -2830,6 +2830,36 @@

+      <!-- fence_na -->
+      <group>
+        <optional>
+          <attribute name="option"/> <!-- deprecated; for
compatibility.  use "action" -->
+        </optional>
+	<!-- I don't think I need this yet.
+        <optional>
+          <attribute name="auth" rha:description="Node Assassin Auth
type (password or none)" />
+        </optional>
+	-->
+        <optional>
+          <attribute name="ipaddr" rha:description="Node Assassin IP or
name to talk to" />
+        </optional>
+        <optional>
+          <attribute name="passwd" rha:description="Password needed to
access the Node Assassin(s)" />
+        </optional>
+        <optional>
+          <attribute name="passwd_script" rha:description="Script to
retrieve password (not implemented)" />
+        </optional>
+        <optional>
+          <attribute name="login" rha:description="Login name used to
log into the Node Assassin(s)" />
+        </optional>
+        <optional>
+          <attribute name="action" rha:description="Operation to
perform. Valid operations: on, off, reboot, status, list, release, boot
or shutdown" />
+        </optional>
+        <optional>
+          <attribute name="quiet" rha:description="Supress output" />
+        </optional>
+      </group>
       <!-- fence_rsa -->

E-Mail:         linux alteeve com
AN!Whitepapers: http://alteeve.com
Node Assassin:  http://nodeassassin.org

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