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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cluster 3 version of 'cman_deadnode_timeout'

On 14/08/10 04:44, Digimer wrote:
Hi all,

   I am trying to update the docs for cluster 3 (all the currently valid
options in cluster.conf using cluster.rng for reference). I was reading
up on this old article to get some background on the qdisk options:


   I am curious about the role that the old 'cman_deadnode_timeout' value
played. It seems to no longer be a settable option. Does the use now
just need to make sure that qdisk's 'interval' times 'tko' is greater
than the RAC timeout when using Oracle's RAC?


The nearest thing for RHEL4's deadnode_timeout in cluster3 is corosync's token timeout. It's not an exact mapping because corosync and 'old' cman work in very different ways - but it is the amount of time a node will wait before removing a node from the cluster.


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