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[Linux-cluster] IP Source NAT

Hello Senol,
Hello all,

I my special case I want to setup a 2 Node Active/Passiv failover Cluster
with nagios ( nrpe/snmp ) as a service.

ClusterNode1IP -
                -> vIP  ----------- Clients (connects only allowed from vIP)
ClusterNode2IP -

The nrpe and snmp Agents only allow connects from the virtual IP of the

An iptables nat rule should do that for these ports.

But is there a best practice ?

Thank you

Hi Bernd,

your comments too much close but;

- if u are build two node fail-over (as Acrive-Passive) you can give to
vIP to active node starting,
- if u are using two or more server at the moment (for Load Balancing)
then your keywords "ipvsadm" and "Direct Routing".

2010/8/18 Bernd Broermann <bernd broermann com>


    How can I define a resource to make all outgoing network packets appear
    to be the virtual IPaddress ?

    I mean something like the "ipsrcaddr" resource in OCF:heartbeat.

    Thanks for answers,

    Linux-cluster mailing list
    Linux-cluster redhat com

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