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Re: [Linux-cluster] logging from the resource agent script

You need to add an entry for rgmanager in /etc/syslog.conf

local4.*                /var/log/rgmanager

and instruct rgmanager to use the above facility (local4) in

 <rm log_facility="local4" log_level="7">

2010/8/24 Ofer Inbar <cos aaaaa org>:
> I'm setting up a custom service under RHCS on 5.3, for which I'm using
> custom resource agent script developed by me and a coworker.  Neither
> of us were able to find any real documentation on how to do this, so
> we've just worked by using the supplied scripts in /usr/share/cluster
> as templates, guessing, trial and error, and reading the shared functions.
> It works, but I still have a lot of questions about how to do things.
> Right now, the question that's vexing me is how to log custom messages
> from this resource agent script, to give the operator more information
> about what the cluster is doing (such as, for example, the exact
> commands that are run when starting and stopping the service, or what
> the real return code from the health check is, rather than just "did
> it fail?").
> Instead of adding some code to log completely independently of RHCS,
> it seems like I could just call ocf_log, which the other cluster
> shell functions use to log.  However, this turns out not to work well:
> 1. ocf_log statements I put at the top level of the script do log,
> but any that I put inside functions such as start() and stop() don't.
> Why don't my custom log messages appear in /var/log/messages when
> other messages at the same level (such as info or notice) from
> rgmanager do, and when the start() or stop() function is clearly being
> called?
> 2. ocf_log seems to sometimes, or always, output to stdout, which
> means I have to take care *not* to let it run when meta-data is the
> argument, because it'd pollute the metadata XML.  But then how do I
> log anything from the times the script is run for metadata, if I want?
> Should this work?  Is there another, better way of making resource
> agent scripts log custom messages?
> And what happens to the resource agent script's stdout, anyway?
>  -- Cos
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